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May 15, 2024

Dr. Heather Young - Healthy Aging in a Digital World: Promoting Caregiver Health and Well-Being

In a recent addition to our MassAITC webinar series, Dr. Heather M. Young, a professor and the founding dean emeritus at UC Davis School of Nursing, shared her insights on "Healthy Aging in a Digital World: Promoting Caregiver Health and Well-Being." Dr. Young, who has extensive experience in the field of technology and aging, as well as personal experience as a caregiver, provided a detailed exploration of the challenges and opportunities caregivers face today. She emphasized the critical role technology plays in supporting caregivers, particularly in areas like remote monitoring, rehabilitation gaming, and robotic assistance. Key takeaways from her presentation include the importance of understanding caregivers' diverse needs and the potential of technology to improve the quality of care and caregiver well-being. Dr. Young highlighted various tools and resources developed to aid caregivers, stressing the necessity of accessibility and community support systems to enhance caregivers' lives.

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