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September 1, 2023

Sarah Lenz Lock – Power of AI to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors and Their Caregivers

Dr. Deepak Ganesan, a professor of computer science at UMass Amherst and co-principal investigator for MassAITC, introduced Sarah Lenz Lock, Senior Vice President for Policy and Brain Health at AARP, for a discussion on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve quality of life for seniors and their caregivers at the 2023 a2 National Symposium. Lock spoke about the varying impact of AI on older adults, highlighting both successes and challenges. She emphasized the importance of incorporating cultural, social, and emotional considerations when developing AI technologies for aging populations. Additionally, she urged the inclusion of older adults in the design process and stressed the need to address privacy concerns and maintain a human touch in AI solutions.

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