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May 15, 2024

Funny, Peculiar: The Science of Laughter

In our recent PennAITech webinar, we were honored to host Professor Sophie Scott, a distinguished scholar in cognitive neuroscience at University College London. Since becoming the director of the ICN in 2019, Professor Scott has utilized her extensive experience in brain imaging to explore the intricacies of speech processing and vocalization. During the webinar, titled "Funny, Peculiar: The Science of Laughter," she delved into the evolution and neurobiology of laughter. Professor Scott offered enlightening insights into laughter as a primal form of communication, akin to animal calls, and its profound social implications. She discussed various studies revealing laughter's role in bonding, stress relief, and social interaction, emphasizing its significance far beyond mere amusement. Key takeaways included the universality of laughter across different species, its contagious nature, and its importance in fostering relationships and alleviating stress.

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