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May 15, 2024

Facilitating and Studying the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Dr. Sean Mooney, an accomplished expert in biomedical informatics and medical education at the University of Washington, led a compelling discussion in the recent PennAITech webinar, "Facilitating and Studying the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare." As chief research information officer and a director at several national institutes, Dr. Money's extensive experience with AI in medical contexts provided invaluable insights. During the session, he explored the integration of artificial intelligence technologies into healthcare systems, focusing on enhancing diagnostics, treatment, and patient care through innovative data-driven approaches. Dr. Money shared examples from his research, including the use of AI in identifying rare genetic disorders and improving patient outcome predictions. Key takeaways emphasized the importance of creating effective AI tools that support clinicians without overwhelming them, and the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare practices while considering privacy and ethical standards.

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