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May 15, 2024

Bryan Adler - The Future of Health Care and Supportive Technology

Bryan Adler, a Certified Elder Law attorney with Rothkoff Law Group, specializes in elder care advocacy and leveraging technology in elder care. In the recent webinar titled "The Future of Health Care and Supportive Technology," Adler discussed the intersection of technology and elder care, focusing on how advancements such as the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot can enhance care delivery. He highlighted the evolving capabilities of technology in handling precise tasks and its potential to address the growing demand for elder care. Key takeaways included the need for innovative care models to cope with demographic changes and the scarcity of caregivers. Adler emphasized that technology, while not the sole solution, is crucial in developing sustainable elder care solutions. He also touched on the financial and social challenges of elder care, urging the integration of technology to alleviate these issues.

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