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May 15, 2024

Accelerating Regional Readiness for Aging: Exploring Healthspan Innovation Hubs - MITRE

In a recent PennAITech webinar titled "Accelerating Regional Readiness for Aging: Exploring Healthspan Innovation Hubs," George Demiris of the Penn Artificial Intelligence and Technology Collaboratory for Healthy Aging introduced speakers Brendan McEntee of MITRE Ingenuity and Meredith Benedict of the MITRE Corporation. McEntee and Benedict explored innovative approaches to enhancing the quality of life for aging populations through the development of Healthspan Innovation Hubs. The presentation detailed how these hubs aim to create ecosystems tailored to regional needs, facilitating collaborations that address the challenges posed by a rapidly aging society. They discussed the potential of these hubs to integrate technology and policy for underserved populations and the role of various stakeholders in achieving scalable solutions. Key takeaways included the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration and the ongoing need for strategic investment to meet the demands of the aging demographic.

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