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May 15, 2024

Jackie Langdon - Human Subjects Research 101

Jackie Langdon, a senior research program manager in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with over three decades of experience in both laboratory and clinical research operations, recently led a webinar titled "Human Subjects Research 101." Throughout the session, Langdon outlined the regulatory landscape and practical considerations essential for study development involving human subjects. Langdon detailed the critical role of institutional review boards (IRBs) in overseeing studies to ensure ethical compliance and participant safety, highlighting how IRBs evaluate research protocols, assess potential risks, and enforce rigorous consent procedures. Key takeaways included the importance of understanding whether research qualifies as involving human subjects, navigating IRB processes efficiently, and the criteria for exemption based on data de-identification. The presentation included several links for deeper dives into specific topics, providing attendees with valuable resources to enhance their understanding of human subjects research practices.

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