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May 15, 2024

AI Smart Homes: Opportunities for AI and Ethical Challenges

In a recent PennAITech webinar, we were pleased to host Dr. Yuri Quintana, a renowned leader in digital health systems development and clinical informatics at Beth Israel Medical Center and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Quintana shared insights from his extensive research on creating collaborative platforms that enhance clinical care and patient empowerment. During his presentation, he discussed the integration of AI technologies into home care, highlighting the ethical challenges and the necessity for security and privacy measures in smart home systems. He outlined current initiatives such as InfoSage, aimed at improving home-based medication and symptom management through technology. Dr. Quintana emphasized the importance of addressing technological literacy among the elderly and underscored the need for rigorous testing and standards in AI to ensure patient safety and data privacy. This thoughtful discourse provided valuable takeaways on the responsible integration of AI in enhancing elder care.

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