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Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Property
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Funding and Timing
How is involvement of human subjects handled?

To protect the rights and welfare of human subjects, all projects involving human subjects research will require additional documentation and safety measures, which may include a safety officer, IRB approval, data and safety monitoring plan, Federal Wide Assurance, and certification of human subjects research training prior to release of project funds. Although IRB approval is not required at time of submission, the application must include human subjects research and exemptions information. NIH offers a decision tool that provides additional guidance on how to answer application questions on human subjects research.

What are the terms and conditions of the grant?

Chapter 15 of the NIHGPS includes the requirements for the recipient under consortium agreements in which the recipient collaborates with one or more other organizations in carrying out the grant-supported research. The AITCs will be the direct and primary recipient of NIH/NIA grant funds and will be accountable to NIA for the appropriate expenditure of grant funds and applicable reporting requirements, among other responsibilities, as specified in the NIHGPS. In general, the requirements that apply to the recipient, including the IP requirements in Part II Subpart A and the program income requirements of the award, also apply to consortium participant(s). Exceptions are noted in Chapter 15. The AITCs will include the applicable requirements of the NIHGPS in their agreements with collaborating organizations (see Written Agreement in Chapter 15), which are incorporated herein by reference.

Whom should prospective applicants contact about a question not answered here?

For questions about the application or any resources provided on this website, please contact support@a2collective.ai. For questions about individual AITC resources, a specific project’s fit with AITC emphases, or a prior a2 Pilot Awards application, please contact the AITC of interest directly. Prospective applicants can reach JH AITC at jhu-aitc@jh.edu, MassAITC via their online scheduling tool, and PennAITech at pennaitech@nursing.upenn.edu.