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June 11, 2024

Mobile Computing for AgeTech - MobiCom4AgeTech Workshop on 11/18/24

Benjamin Marlin, PhD (MassAITC)


AgeTech is poised to play a key role in enabling successful aging in place for the estimated one-quarter of the U.S. population that will be 65 or older by 2060. One of the most promising areas within the AgeTech space is the development of new smart devices and mobile apps that combine advances in mobile computing, mobile health sensing, and AI-enabled data analytics to provide personalized support for older adults at home.

As part of its mission to foster interdisciplinary research in these cutting-edge areas, the Massachusetts AI and Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease (MassAITC) is excited to participate in organizing the First Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Computing for AgeTech (MobiCom4AgeTech). The workshop will be held on Monday, Nov. 18, 2024, in Washington, D.C. as part of the 30th Annual Association for Computing Machinery International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, a premiere international research conference on mobile computing. 

AI-enabled mobile computing has a wide range of possible applications in the AgeTech space including supporting activities of daily living, monitoring physical functioning and personal mobility, assessing and augmenting cognitive functioning, enhancing communication and social connectivity, supporting transportation use and driving safety, enabling remote health monitoring, and supporting the delivery of adaptive health interventions.   

However, significant challenges exist when adapting or developing new technologies in this space. AI-enabled technologies that make use of predictive models can have issues with bias or limited accuracy when not developed specifically using data contributed by older adults. Similarly, novel devices developed without participation of older adults can have unforeseen issues with usability and user burden. Remote health and activity monitoring technologies including wearables and other platforms deployed in the home setting must also properly account for security and privacy of older adult users.

To address these issues, the MobiCom4AgeTech workshop will bring together academic researchers, industry leaders, and government partners to present research and discuss challenges and opportunities at the intersection of wireless and mobile computing, AI and data analytics, and technologies for supporting healthy aging. 

The workshop is seeking research papers, extended abstracts, and demo proposals that describe technologies and approaches that can be brought to bear on challenges in the AgeTech space, as well as papers that highlight novel challenges or gaps with existing technologies. More information including the full call for contributions can be found on the workshop website:

For questions regarding MobiCom4AgeTech, please contact the workshop organizers at