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January 12, 2023

Enhancing Your Research: How to Collaborate Effectively with Medical and Data Librarians


Join the Clin-STAR Coordinating Center and the a2 Collective for a webinar on how to collaborate effectively with medical and data librarians at 3 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 3. The webinar, co-sponsored by the a2 Collective, will feature a panel of two clinician-librarian dyads discussing the range of clinical research services available at libraries, strategies for effective research collaboration, and how clinician-librarian partnerships can enhance the rigor and reproducibility of research. Learn more and register here.

This webinar and other Clin-STAR initiatives are open to all disciplines, specialty and subspecialty fields, and for all career levels. Follow the links below to learn more about other activities that may be of interest.

The Clin-STAR Database is a search tool for transdisciplinary researchers across specialties doing aging research. Sign up for FREE to browse information on researchers and their institutions, publications, and grants, and interactive graphics displaying connections by disciplines, publications, and research areas.

Mini-Sabbatical Awards (up to $4000): Funds for short-term, immersive, learning experiences

Visiting Professor Travel Fund (up to $3000): Bring a visiting professor to your institution to expose clinician-scientists to aging research (eg, grand rounds, mentoring trainees, interactive clinical rounds, interest group)

Distinguished Professorship-Specialty Societies (up to $5000): Invite a researcher in geriatrics/gerontology to speak at a specialty or subspecialty professional conference. Other activities could include moderating poster paper sessions, conducting mentoring sessions for ESIs, meeting with a Geriatrics SIG, or the Society’s leadership/council.

Early Career Lecture Fund (up to $1500): Travel funds for early career clinician-scientists to present aging-related research at an annual scientific or medical specialty association meeting where aging-related research is not the primary focus

Special Interest Groups (Inflammation and Frailty Research)

Mentoring Office Hours

Career and Research Advice Opportunities (advisor stipends and more than 50 advisors listed representing all career levels, different disciplines, and specialties)


Funding, Research, and Career Development Resources

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